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Dan the Guard


An opera by Marc Lavry

Libretto by S. Shalom and Max Brod, after a play by S. Shalom

The first Hebrew opera in a full production for the first time in 70 years,


A site-specific production that took place at the main hall of the National Library of Israel. This production of the opera, which was first performed 70 years ago and lay in music archives ever since, wishes to question the tension between art and politics, the contemporary and the periodic.


Conductor: Michael Klinghoffer

Stage Director: Ari Teperberg


Soilsts: Or Bennatan, Efrat Vulfsons, Rivka Barttlet, Ron Silberstein, Yuval Oren, Maya Cohen, Dani Kornblit , Lior Inbar, Gilad Rosenberg

Ast. Conductor and Producer: Keren Kagarlitzky

The Conservatory Orchestra at  JAMD, in collaboration with Ankor Choir and Capelate Choir, Jerusalem.


The production was initiated by the Marc Lavry heritage foundation,

Along with the  National Library Music Department

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