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I Want to Dance, Kate!


In an isolated house live five sisters. They aren’t sure which of them is who. No one goes outside, no one comes to visit, and the only man in the vicinity is their radio.


They want to dance.


The piece examines mechanisms of control and obedience in a close and intimate situation. Through performance art, dance and sound work we encounter the limitations of the body, the dependence of belonging to a group, and the inadequacy of language.


In this paralyzed situation, wishing to break free, the focus moves from one to the other and we are granted a deep insight into the consciousness of each of the women, with the other four functioning as a mirror to her



The piece was created in the Akko Festival for Alternative Israeli Theatre 2014, and won the prize for best stage language and the prize for best costumes:

“ … for the design of a unique stage language, sensitive and full of nuances,
that creates a complex psychologistic field of control and obedience within the nuclear family.”


Creator: Ari Teperberg

after the play “Dancing at Lughnasa” by Brian Friel

Performers: Ilana Baer, Haya Barshinski, Talia de Vries, Tamar Lamm, Yael Finkel

Musician and creation partner: Ayelet Lerman

Set & costume design: Joanna Jones

Soundtrack design: Ari Teperberg

Lighting design: Adi Shimrony

Producer: Yuval Binshtock

Vocal Coaching: Lee Teperberg-Kannay

Dramaturgy consultant: Carmel Yedid-Leibowitz



Full video

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