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Untitled Document

A mute monologue by Ari Teperberg 


I'm standing in front of you with my eyes closed.

I write on a blank document.

You read.

If you listen closely you can hear me talk, though you don't hear my voice.

The soft rhythm of my typing keeps us connected.

The letter follows letter as my fingers dance on the keyboard, tracing a maze of thoughts, lost voices, memories, and distant views.


A solo performance in a Google Doc document, amusedly and poignantly shifting through the web of relations between voice, identity, technology, memory and loss.

Created and performed by Ari Teperberg

Lighting design and scenography: Omer Sheizaf

Sound design: Lior Pinsky

Costume design: Dor Frank

Assistant director: Yael Sady

Producer: Dana Galanti

Artistic consultation: Moran Aviv Dvir, Tamar Kisch

International relations: as is presenting arts

Created for the Israel Festival 2022, artistically directed by Itay Mautner and Michal Vaknin. Supported by the Israel Ministry of Culture and Sport, the Pais Culture Committee and Eve - Independent Theatre and Performance Art Creators Organization.

​Upcoming Dates


9 December 2022 - 19:00  

Westflügel Leipzig

10 December 2022 - 19:00  

Westflügel Leipzig

1 January 2023 - 21:00

תיאטרון הבית, תל-אביב יפו

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