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Hänsel und Gretel

By Englebert Humperdinck

Libretto by Adelheid Wette


A production of the Jerusalem Opera

With the Ashdod Symphony Orchestra



The libretto for the opera “Hansel and Gretel” was written by Adleheid Wette for her children, in

honour of their annual Christmas celebrations in their home. She asked her brother, the famous

composer Engelbert Humperdinck, to compose music for some of the songs (which later became the opera that you will hear tonight).

The brother and sister Englebert and Adleheid watch as the young children play out the roles of the hungry and mischievous brother and sister - Hansel and Gretel.

However, the moment they enter the enchanted forest, the story starts to spin; the fable becomes a play and the play in turn becomes reality. Everyone is drawn into the twisting storyline, in which each character seeks to face his or her most profound fear.

A magical opera that does not cease to thrill adults and children around the world!


Musical Director and Conductor: Omer Arieli

Stage Director: Ari Teperberg

Choirmaster: Inbal Brill

Set designer: Yonatan Swed

Costume designer: Hilla Shapira

Lighting designer: Yoav Barel

Producer: Adi Juliusberger

Assistant producer, assitant stage director: Danielle Boggio



Hansel: Shai Terry / Iphigenie Worbes

Gretel: Ayelet Kagan / Na’ama Shulman

The Father: Gabriele Ribis / Netanel Zalevsky

The Mother: Esther Alaeva / Rinatya Nessim

The Witch: Shira Cohen / Dalya Besprozvany

The Sandman, The Dewman: Elinor Grinberg / Marva Koren / Rashelle Shifrin


The Chorus, Children: Dima Azar; Rina Meiari; Raina Atik; Yael Avram; Romi Zelig; Shai Yakabovich; Danielle Boggio; Mika Erlich; Noga Lupo; Ma’ayan Zuk-Ran; Chen Mekler


Rehearsal Pianists: Tal Yigal; Alexei Polniansky; Daniel Shefi

Graphic Designer: Maayan Levin

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