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Le Nozze di Figaro



a production of the Jerusalem Opera

by W. A. Mozart and Lorenzo da Ponte

In this contemporary interpretation, the estate where the opera takes place in is gradually transformed during the entire length of the performance, into a garden. Just as the characters change costumes and identities, the stage itself undergoes a metamorphosis until you don't know exactly where you are anymore. 

The natural settings outdoors invades to the indoors, and at the same time the inner turbulence of the generally polite and civilized characters bursts forth with the passions of love.

With the delicate use of a few choice objects, a constant transformation occurs.The minimalist approach is timeless, detached from the period and style of the original classic opera and aspires to scale down the scope of the traditional setting, allowing the audience to succumb to the full force at the core of the emotive drama and sublime music.


Stage Director: Ari Teperberg
Creation partner and actress: Inbal Yomtovian

Singers: Yuri Kissin, Gabriele Ribis, Yasmine Levy-Ellentuk, Mima Millo, Maya Amir, Hila Gonen, Netanel Zalevsky, Ehoud Yaari, Ron Silberstein, Oshri Segev, Efrat Hacohen

Conductor: Omer Arieli
The Ashdod Symphony Orchestra

Artistic Advisor: Gabriele Ribis
Producer: Lee Teperberg
Lighting Designer: Adi Shimrony

The full opera

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