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Pearl Fishers


by Georges Bizet

libretto by Eugène Cormon and Michel Carré


a production of the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance Conservatory Orchestra, based on highlights from Bizet’s opera.


The story of “Pearl Fishers” revolves around Zurga and Nadir, friends at heart and souls, whose friendship is ruined by their passion to the same woman - Leila, a priestess for Brahma.


This production parts from the opera’s original time and place, and uses only the musical “highlights” (no recitatives), creating an animated and bare version of the often pompous opera.   Few objects, sound recordings and musical-acoustic images are used to tell the story in a more abstract way, focusing on the main theme of this opera - the voice.


Stage Director: Ari Teperberg

Musical Director: Michael Klinghoffer

Producer and Assistant Conductor: Michal Lopez

Solists: Nadir - Liran Koppel; Zurga - Guy Pelc \ Anton Alexeev; Leila - Lucia Bloch \ Avigail Harel

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